Residential Roof Repair

Don’t Wait To Fix Your Roof

Even the best maintained roofs will eventually develop issues over time. From small leaks, bubbling, and most common in North Texas, damaged & missing shingles. Some of these may not seem like a priority, but trust us, they are. These small issues can quickly become serious roofing problems that can spread throughout the entire roof. Let our team of roof repair specialists and master installers take care of your issues today, saving you time and money tomorrow.

Why Your Roof Needs To Be In Good Health

There are a ton of reasons to ensure your roof’s health, but we want to quickly point out the top three that we think every homeowner should be aware of.


Your roof is your primary barrier from the elements. Especially in Texas, roofs need to make sure all water is flowing in a timely fashion. Standing water is one of the single greatest threats to its structural integrity. Water that is allowed to seep into your roof’s materials, insulation, and plywood can have disastrous effects.


When your roofing materials are penetrated by moisture, they are at risk of collecting mildew and mold spores. These can quickly spread throughout your entire household if left unattended. Getting rid of mold will require a professional and be very costly. Let our team of professionals replace your moisture damaged wood and insulation before it’s too late.


Did you know your roof has a huge impact on your home’s ability to heat and cool itself? Your power bill will be greatly impacted by a poorly performing roof. Your roof’s ability to protect and insulate your home during extreme hot and cold weather can be compromised by small, unnoticed damages. Getting these issues fixed should be a top priority.

Residential Roof Repair Made Easy

We know residential roof repair is a hassle at best and a complete frustration at worst. There is never a good time for it, and it never seems to show up at a good time financially. We get it and we completely understand. That is why we at Advanced Roofing do our absolute best to provide you with the most professional, efficient, and cost-effective solution available. Your roof is keeping your home, and everything under it safe, and we want to make sure it stays that way.

Two Things To Consider About Your Repairs

Delaying Repairs = More Money

The longer your put off getting your roof repaired, the worse they will become. An annoying, but affordable, roof repair can quickly escalate into an extremely expensive roof replacement.

Curb Appeal Is King

If you are trying to sell your house, then you should know that curb appeal matters. Bad roofs make for bad first impressions. Roofs that are neglected speak volumes about your home and you.

Start your home roof repairs today