Commercial Roof Inspection

is your commercial roof up to par?

There are plenty of reasons to hire a professional to come and inspect your roof. Just like employees, roofs need regular reviews regarding their performance. Your roof is a vital part of your business that needs proper inspection and maintenance, as a roof that is in poor condition can have detrimental effects on the integrity of your business and is a threat to your safety. Just like you would have someone to come and service your HVAC system, a roof inspector would come and let you know if something with your roof is wrong and if something needs to be fixed.

What you need to know about inspections

Your roof should be examined twice a year. We recommend those occurring in the spring and the fall, before entering each extreme season. This is the best way to maximize the longevity of your roof, it is imperative that you consider regular roof inspections. But if you still need more reasons to consider inspections, below are some other amazing advantages to getting your commercial roof inspection scheduled.

Find Water Damage

Water damage usually begins long before you see a wet spot and it is a silent killer of the structural integrity of your roof. Our professional roof inspectors check the flashing installation, soft spots, shingle conditions, and leaks. We will even be sure to check the interior of your roofing system, like your attic, for the right insulation, ventilation set-up, leaks, mildew, and mold.

Reduce Aging and Weathering Damage

The truth is that no matter how good your roofing system is, it will eventually show signs of aging. However, you will see these signs much faster if you don’t have a professional performing regular inspections.

Natural weathering from outside elements is unavoidable, as the elements will take a toll on your roof, slowly but surely damaging it. But with regular inspections, you will maximize your roofs appearance and durability.

Small Things Save Big Money

Small stuff has a way of turning into big stuff if it is left unchecked. It may seem like nothing to the untrained eye, but a professional can point out things, like loose shingles, which could be an extensive and costly roof repair down the road if left unchecked.

Professional roofing inspectors save you money by preventing small problems from getting bigger. By identifying and making recommendations for minor repairs, small issues don’t turn into big issues that need a full roof replacement. If you’re not scheduling regular roof inspections, then it is impossible to know when something is wrong with your roof.

Our number-one objective is complete satisfaction for our customers. We have earned a reputation for quick customer service response and high-quality craftsmanship at affordable prices.

Stop Procrastinating.

Get your commercial roof inspected before its too late.