Hail Damage

Hail Can Cause Havoc

If you are a homeowner in North Texas, then you know that damage from hailstorms and severe weather are an unfortunate, yet unavoidable, way of life. Most of our loyal customers found us because they needed hailstorm related roof repairs or replacements. But rather than live in fear about what damage hail can do, we want to provide you with clear information and effective steps forward incase this should ever happen to you. However, if you need immediate assistance for your roof, then please contact us so we can start helping you as son as possible.

Here is how you can help your roof

4 Easy Steps to Help You Before, During, & After a Hailstorm.

1. Get Inspected

The first step you can take in securing your property is to know the current condition of your roof. That is why we highly encourage 1-2 inspections a year for your roof.

A complete inspection done by a trained professional will give you the most accurate assessment of your roof’s current condition.

2. Be Proactive

Take practical measure to clear hazards from your roof. For example: trimming tree branches, tree removal, securing small structures, cleaning your yard.

Inspect any and all structures around  your yard that could provide debris during a storm. This includes any yard equipment and tools. 

3. Be Reactive

If your roof is impacted by a hailstorm, then act quickly. Get your roof inspected as soon as possible. The longer you delay, the more expensive repairs become.

No matter how small you think the issue may be, the longer you let it go unattended, the more likelihood the dame will get significantly worse. So a simple repair can quickly escalate into a replacement.

4. Document Everything

This could be the most important part of the process. Once damage has occurred, you need to begin documenting the damage. Log storm dates and times and include photos & videos. 

Along with the documentation, you will want to contact an professional inspector. This will give you the information you need when speaking with your insurance adjuster.

Has your roof been impacted?

Call our team of hail storm professionals today to get a certified assessment for your records. And if you need it, we will happily work with your insurance adjuster for you.