All About Roofing in Dallas-Fort Worth

Ken and Terri Cable of Cable's Advanced Roofing, LLC proudly serve the states of Texas and Oklahoma, providing roofing solutions from their location in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In these articles, Ken Cable discusses the wide world of roofing.

How to Best Prepare For a Roof Replacement in Texas

While replacing a roof is a job best left for the professionals, there are a few things that you can do to prepare for roof replacement in Texas.

Maintaining the Skylights on Your Texas Roof

Properly maintaining your skylights is an important part of making the most of the benefits they offer.

How Will a Metal Roof Affect my Texas Home?

While traditional roofs are often made of materials like asphalt, metal roofs offer a variety of advantages for your Texas home.

Benefits of a Flat Roof in Texas

Many commercial buildings and homeowners are choosing to install flat roofs for their many benefits.

Roofing Issues in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Due to the complexities of Texas weather and the frequency of severe storms, a number of roofing issues can affect your home. When living in Texas, knowing a little bit about these issues can make you a smarter homeowner.





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